Technologies for the Prevention of Healthcare associated Infections

R-Cure Medical Markets line of technologies for surfaces and medical devices disinfections  and air and surfaces cleaning from a leading companies in the world deals with infraction prevention

Micro-organisms are not only extremely small, but are also often very dangerous. Many of them attack the health of human beings and threaten their lives.

Infection prevention is a topic of growing importance as more and more micro-organisms are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Thus, there is a growing need to prevent infection from the outset.


Our range of products includes:

Special air cleaning and disinfections technologies improving the health and well-being of the environment in the workplace or simply making your personal space free of bacteria, clear offensive odours and control harmful infections - AirSteril.


Disposable wipes containing chlorine, water and soap, Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection Wipes containing chlorine, water and soap ensure optimum and simple disinfection compared to traditional disinfection methods- Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection disposable wipes.


Alcohol-free wipes and liquids for the cleaning and disinfection of alcohol-sensitive surfaces and medical devices. Sporicidal peracetic acid surface wipes for disinfection of medical devices and all types of surfaces. Mikrozid line of products


R-Cure Medical brings the knowledge and expertise in infection control to the Israeli market.

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